Back Story

Hiya! My name is Jed, and I am a part-time cutler. I specialize in making knives and have always been enamored with the process of blacksmithing and armoring. I first discovered this passion while watching Connor MacLeod forge a new katana in Highlander 3. Although, as a trained smith, the scene now makes me cringe, it sparked my interest and led me to spend time in my youth learning to make link-mail armor, which led me to discover stunning patterns.

Growing up in a small town, I often visited the knife and sword shops in malls. It wasn't until 2020, when the world changed, that I thought about making my own knives. Stuck at home, I repaired my Wüstof chef's knife and even made a new handle from scratch. This led me to realize that I had a talent for knife-making.

I began my journey by learning to forge a knife with a local smith. But I wanted to take my skills to the next level and make a living from my passion. So, I sought out a master smith in Portland, OR who took me on as a student. I completed his journeyman training program and was able to make eight knives in just 7.5 days.

Now, I am excited to introduce VanHorn Knife Works. I take pride in crafting practical tools that work, and I hope you enjoy using my knives as much as I enjoy making them. Thank you for choosing VanHorn Knife Works!

If you want to know more, email, or find me on Instagram or TikTok.